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Sep 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
everybody. i'm a senior legal communications major in detroit, michigan. i'm also serve as the president of the naacp and i'm ecstatic system for impact which is a nonprofit here in d.c. that is a rancid of a geisha political involvement and -- specs beat up a little slower, a little slower and louder spent my name is crystal, i'm a senior legal communications major hailing from the great city of detroit, michigan, and on campus i serve as the president of our naacp and a must have existed for impact. my question is for anyone that wants to address this question. uganda spoke about the consistency of african-americans been active in the political process, things of that nature and would make that almost sound like an issue of our generation when that's an issue of every generations i wanted to know just decides and how active we are not in the process, the past presidential years, how can we keep people active all year round? >> anre? >> i can speak to what we've done actively, coming out of -- >> hold on a second. can the folks who are leaving try to keep it down so we can hear what's g
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
on the side of obama. look again at the geographical pattern of the vote, running in the detroit metro area, 44% of the statewide vote as he did in 2008. not much going on there for romney. wisconsin is a state where if you're going to crack the midwest code, given what was happening with ohio, they thought perhaps they could do it in wisconsin. the problem is twofold for them. one is if you look at the level of demographic change that's taking place in wisconsin, it's quite startling according to these current data. a three-point increase in a share of minority eligible voters. a seven-point decline among white noncollege voters, eligible voters. these are huge changes and odyssey they do exactly against within inches of the romney team in wisconsin. so maybe they thought if they nominate paul ryan they would be able to take advantage what they believe to be this massive culturally conservative white working-class voters in the state but again it doesn't seem to be happening. they are making some progress, some progress among current nine but it's not anywhere close to what's needed to tak
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
that looked a lot like the spirit of st. louis. it was a detroiter. and enter the american girl. she told the press if an american boy can have great dreams, why can't an american girl? and she took off. she made it as far as -- and she crashed in the sea but she crashed with inside of in her weekend anchor, and they saved her. she very, perhaps more than any of the other flyers, she understood the new world of celebrity. because she said early on, anybody who flies, the first woman who flies across is going to be famous to they're going to make money. they're going to be famous. i don't want to go back to the life of a dental hygienist in florida. why shouldn't i do this? this is my way out. when you're looking in these archives, there were all of these letters to these flyers, from men and women. for the most saying take me along, take me along. of the most poignant were from women. at all these women saw, you know, there was one letter from a woman who had seven children by five had died. there was one woman who had slung burgers in philadelphia, and she offered to bring food. all of t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3